What We Offer

Interior Detail

Car$120 SUV$150 Large SUV & Truck$190-$250 Vacuum extract & Shampoo interior carpets floor mats & seats

Clean interior windows

Shine interior dash doors & trim

*Clean & conditioning for leather

Basic Package

Car$30 SUV$40

Large SUV & Truck$60

Wash exterior

Vacuum & dust interior

Clean windows

Clean tires & wheels

Exterior Detail

Car$120 SUV$150 Large SUV & Truck$ 190-$250 Foam Wash exterior

Buff shine polish & wax

Clean exterior windows

Clean & shine tires & wheels

*Clay treatment if needed

Complete Package

Car$220 SUV$280 Large SUV & Truck$360-$480 Full Interior & Exterior Detail

*$50 Engine Detail included and $20 off complete package *Prices may vary depending on the condition of the vehicle

Family-owned and operated Automotive Detailing Garage.

Located in Goodyear, AZ.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions and pricing.

Engine Detail

Scratch Removal

Carpet Cleaning